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Fish Type: Bluegill     Price: $16.00

Overall, I would highly recommend this Fish Fry.

Fish Score: Excellent
Potato Score: Excellent
Tartar Score: Excellent
Bread Score: Excellent
Miscellaneous Score: Excellent

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Comment: 44th birthday weekend celebrated in one of the best ways imaginable - good friends and a Saturday Night Fish Fry at the inimitable Toby’s Supper Club.

As you can see, there was too much goodness to even fit in the photo and the bluegill was as pristine as ever. A boatload of the small fillets overloaded the plate with their idyllic textures and alluring flavors. They paired perfectly with Toby’s tremendous tartar and disappeared far too quickly…

When multiple people order the hash browns they come family-style, and our cheese and onion laden spuds were spectacular. I’ve heard the “American cheese sucks” argument many times over and get the gist, but simply don’t agree. I love how it melts in and offsets the crispy potato crust with gooey goodness. It’s a “too each their own” kind of thing but I trust Toby’s take on it.

Plenty of their signature sugary slaw, a big basket of mixed breads, and full-on relish tray awaited our arrival at the table and set the stage for the fried goodness that followed.

43 years come and gone, 20 of which have been spent eating Fish Frys and telling the good people of Madison all about it - almost half my life now. And you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way… Fish on, Madison! And Toby’s, please never change!
3717 S Dutch Mill Road
Madison, WI 53718

(608) 222-6913