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Top 25 - Fish Frys, period.

 1. Haddock at Dorf Haus
 2. Bluegill at Stolley's Hogg Alley
 3. Cod at Owl's Nest
 4. Bluegill at Crawfish Junction
 5. Bluegill at Toby's Supper Club
 6. Lake Perch at Duck Inn Supper Club
 7. Lake Perch at Maricque's
 8. Walleye at Stolley's Hogg Alley
 9. Lake Perch at Crawfish Junction
 10. Lake Perch at Sister Bay Bowl
 11. Lake Perch at Wendt's on the Lake
 12. Cod at Toby's Supper Club
 13. Lake Perch at Villa Tap
 14. Bluegill at Dexter's Pub
 15. Bluegill at Easy Landing
 16. Cod at Elias Inn Supper Club
 17. Walleye at Crawfish Junction
 18. Haddock at Fitz's on the Lake
 19. Walleye at Villa Tap
 20. Lake Perch at Toby's Supper Club
 21. Smelt at North Bristol Sportsman's Club
 22. Lake Perch at Wayside Inn
 23. Bluegill at Mint Mark
 24. Bluegill at Club 60
 25. Lake Perch at Fat Seagull

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