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Fish Type: Walleye     Price: $15.75

Overall, I would barely recommend this Fish Fry.

Fish Score: Good
Potato Score: Fair
Tartar Score: Fair
Bread Score: Good
Miscellaneous Score: Good

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Comment: Years ago we came to Slice's a couple times and were dismayed to learn their walleye (which we'd heard great things about) was already sold out by 7:00 or so. Fast forward a decade (and a child) and we showed up again much closer to 5:00. Lo and behold, not only was the walleye not sold out, but we were literally the first order of the evening. Oh, how times change.

It's $15.75 for "two huge pieces of walleye" at the Pennsylvania Ave bar, and the cod and ocean perch we had previously were also still available. Some Sysco slaw and a glistening roll arrive before the fish and in all honesty I had a hard time restraining myself from gobbling them up. I waited for my walleye and was glad I did.

The walleye comes as two fillets and are as hefty as you'll find. While individually they are on the small side as far as walleye goes, when added it makes up A LOT of meat for $15.75. While it's tough to say what's what in this day and age, this stuff seemed to be the real deal. It had the look, but not necessarily the flavor of walleye. Of course, it could be that the flavor was just covered up by the beer batter which glistened under the bar lights. It was a good walleye, and while not amazing was definitely good enough.

A pile of plain old fries were downright decent, but the waffles our son got were certainly a step up and I'd certainly sample the tots if I had it to do over again. The wife got the baby reds which were the real deal, but basically just boiled potatoes and bland as all get-out.

East side bars must share recipes (or at least food distributors) because this tartar was stolen straight from Club LaMark. It was dilly and kinda skunky and unmistakable. It was passable, but little else.

Normally when I get a Fish Fry it's easy to say whether I'd come back and try it again. This one is a bit of a tough call, since I'm not really sure where it falls. On one hand, it's a lot of food for the money and every thing was pretty decent, but on the other nothing stood out and it had a very standard Sysco feel to it. It's close for sure, but overall, I think we recommend this Fish Fry, and would likely come back, but the circumstances would have to be juuuust right.

2417 Pennsylvania Avenue
Madison, WI 53704

(608) 243-6925