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Fish Type: Cod     Price: $12.00

Overall, I would highly recommend this Fish Fry.

Fish Score: Excellent
Potato Score: Good
Tartar Score: Excellent
Bread Score: Excellent
Miscellaneous Score: Excellent

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Comment: When your wife asks you if you want to get a Fish Fry somewhere near Poynette you donít ask where and you donít ask why. You just say yes and count your blessings. Youíre going to the Owlís Nest! Youíre one lucky fella.

The Owlís Nest is one of, if not the best Fish Fry in the area (and probably the world for that matter). While the place is guaranteed to be busy on Friday night the bar is plenty hospitable and any wait you have to endure will assuredly fly by. Once inside the dining room things run like clockwork and a friendly server will be at your side in short order. While perch is on the menu, the main Friday special is cod which comes beer battered or breaded for $12 or broiled for a buck more. Iíve never been able to bring myself to order the perch (or the broiled for that matter) since the cod is amazing, but I bet theyíre pretty good too.

Before the fish, big bowls of baked beans and coleslaw show up along with three slices of dark rye. Thatís right, three full slices of bread for a single order of fish! Now thatís impressive! The slaw is house-made and as creamy as they come. It has plenty of pop, which enhances the surprisingly mellow rye quite nicely. The beans are very welcome addition, and well done (although to be fair there are better baked beans out there Ė the legumes atPatrickís Grill near McFarland come to mind).

Once youíve gotten your fill of these appetizers (or maybe even before that) the fish will show up and it will be hot, Hot, HOT!!! The Owlís Nestís special beer batter is miraculous and as good as they come. Itís light and flavorful and pairs perfectly with the flaky cuts of cod. Five generous pieces totaling 14 ounces grace the plate and make for a grand portion that should suit the heartiest of appetites. Of course, if you just canít get enough you can always add extras at a buck a pop. Now thatís flexibility!

Lots of thick-cut fries join the party and have a little season salt to give them a kick. The soft spuds are much better than plain crinkles, but not quite the house-cut quality some other places offer.

If you look up tartar sauce in the dictionary there may well be a picture of the Owlís Nestís homemade mix (or at least there should be). This stuff is as thick as glue and just as clingy with a superb pop and ideal consistency. Kapow! Kazzam! Kerplop? Now thatís zesty!

Fish, fries, tartar, coleslaw, rye, AND baked beans. If all that wasnít enough to get you excited for the ďOld Fashioned DiningĒ the Owlís Nest has to offer maybe this will Ė they are one of the few establishments around that still offers a full-fledged salad bar and you can tack it on to the Fish Fry for only $2. Now thatís traditional!

The Owlís Nest doesnít mess around when it comes to the Friday Fish Fry and it shows. You get so much food for $12 that even though itís not AYCE itís probably still more than you should eat. Of course, if you want or need more, you can always add a piece or two or take a spin through the salad bar. It really is incredible and everything a Fish Fry can and should be. Overall, we highly, Highly, HIGHLY recommend this Fish Fry and canít wait to take our next drive up Highway 51. Now thatís amore!
617 E North Street
Poynette, WI 53955

(608) 635-2298