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Fish Type: Cod     Price: $6.25

Overall, I would barely recommend this Fish Fry.

Fish Score: Good
Potato Score: Good
Tartar Score: Good
Bread Score: Poor
Miscellaneous Score: Good

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Comment: Even though I grew up in a small town I am not exactly a country and western kinda guy. Donít get me wrong, I love me some Waylon Jennings, but when faced with the prospect of Fish Fry at one of the Madison areas few country and western style bars, I was not sure what to expect. Since Tircaís Country Corners recently started offering a lunch hour Fish Fry, and I feel the need to try any and every Fish Fry around, I knew what I had to do. I saddled up my trusty steed and hit the trail.

I was in for a whale of a Fish Fry come 5 oíclock so I wanted to keep my midday intake of fish to a minimum, luckily for me County Corners was on the same page. My one man wagon train pulled into the station around 11:30 and I moseyed into the saloon. I grabbed an open stool at the bar as the friendly barkeep grabbed me a mug of Spotted Cow. When he came back I put in my order for the $6.25, 2-piece cod special and took a gander around the place.

After about 10 minutes my fish arrived fresh from the fryer, just the way I like it. I wrangled up one of the two pieces and had at it. The first taste was good as I immediately noticed the flaky batter. It had a nice flavor and was fairly flaky, but necessarily light. It was a little thicker than I expected which made it heavier than it looked like it should be. Regardless, the batter was still tasty as was the actual cod, even though it (the cod) was not flaky. I suspect it was fried slightly too long which wasnít really too big of a deal since the overall taste was still good.

The French fries were also good. They were pretty standard looking but were perfectly fried with the crispy outside giving way to soft, decedent centers. They worked well with the fish and ran in a large herd like the once mighty buffalo. A portion of this size is enough to fill even the hungriest of cowboys. The tartar was also more than plentiful, and while it was nice and thick, it was seriously heavy on the relish. I gotta say though, it did grow on me and I polished off the whole lot when all was said and done.

They compliment their seriously relish-y tartar with a seriously horseradish-y slaw. I donít think it is any secret that country boys like a little horseradish now and again. Country Corners clearly knows this and has no problem lacing their slaw with above average amounts of the potent substance. Even so, the slaw was actually quite good and I buried the entire cup. Since this lunch Fry came in ďbasketĒ form there was no bread to speak of which is always a bit of a downer. I like the balance that bread affords a Fish Fry but it isnít necessarily a deal breaker.

I really wasnít sure what to expect from Country Corners before this trip. They bill it as a country bar but it really isnít that extreme. In fact, Iím pretty sure I did not hear one country song even though music was playing the entire time. It turns out this is a nice little Fish Fry a moreover it is simply and nice bar. The place was plenty busy and very few people were actually eating Fish Fry, so you know the everyday food is good too.

Overall, I have no qualms about recommending this Fish Fry. The fish, fries, tartar, and slaw were all good and the service spot on. I arrived at 11:30 and was done by noon, like Jesse James robbing a train I was in and out in no time flat. Instead of stolen loot, my prize was a full belly and story to tell of delicious country fried fish. If you are a Fish Fry fan, Tricaís Country Corners is worth a shot.
3737 County Road AB
McFarland, WI 53558

(608) 222-2077