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Fish Type: Lake Perch     Price: $16.00

Overall, I would highly recommend this Fish Fry.

Fish Score: Excellent
Potato Score: Good
Tartar Score: Excellent
Bread Score: Excellent
Miscellaneous Score: Excellent

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Comment: When I'm not reviewing Fish Frys I'm making maps. Yes, Cartographers (map makers) do still exist and have a relatively robust industry thanks to the advent of GIS (computer-based mapping software). As a mapping professional I had the opportunity to become certified in GIS and as part of that certification I needed to pass an exam. None of this has anything to do with Fish Frys per se, except for the fact that when I needed a place to sit and study on the Friday night before my Saturday morning exam I chose KD's Bar and Grill in Lodi, and they have damn good fish.

I needed a quiet place, so of course I chose KD's, right? Obviously, that's not true. KD's is a bustling bar and silence isn't the reason I chose it. I picked KD's since I had an inkling that I'd be able to get a spot at the spacious bar, settle in, and do my thing. And regardless of how focused I'd be, I'd get some great fish and have a good time doing it. The bartenders at KD's are crackerjack so I knew they take care of business and I wouldn't have to worry about that aspect of the meal at all. I got my spot, ordered a drink, studied my stuff, ordered my perch, studied some more, ate it up, and studied a bit more after dinner. I left feeling smarter all around.

KD's "big perch" is a buck or so more than it used to be but it's still a square deal. The EIGHT real fillets are home to a dry and crumbly breading with a superb flavor. And don't take "dry" the wrong way, this is the best kind of dryness you can hope for - grease free, but with moist meat underneath. It's a dynamic flavor combination, like a McDonald's fry in a chocolate shake.

Most everything about this Fish Fry is extraordinary, but the fries lack a little something. Yes, there is a sour cream and chive version I've had in the past, but in my experience they are no more than on par with the regular which are...well..regular. Of course, they are still well fried and the portion is gigundo so there is really not much to complain about.

KD's tartar is there for the taking and take I did. It comes is a massive squeeze bottle and a couple/three ounces made its way out on squirt one, and was easily replicated on the next go-round. It's a beefy blend that really makes the already amazing fish something more. It's a twisted love affair and one I'm glad to partake in.

A slab of rye on the side gets love from me although they'll appease the less daring among us with a white option. The slaw is universal and the 4 ounce cup overflows with creamy and inviting goodness, while a second 4 ouncer secures a batch of ooey gooey baked beans. Both sides get high marks from me and make for a full Fish Fry experience a lot of places can't or simply don't replicate.

Taking tests, especially when you're 38 years old, can seem like a daunting affair, but the Fish Fry at KD's helped to put my mind at ease and remind me that there are more important things in the world like friends, family, and Fish Fry. Overall, we highly recommend this Fish Fry whether you're just looking for a way to jump start the weekend or a (not so) quiet spot to study. It's one of the best around...and oh, yeah, I passed the test. No sweat.
N1434 Fair Street
Lodi, WI 53555

(608) 592-4696