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Fish Type: Bluegill     Price: $16.00

Overall, I would barely recommend this Fish Fry.

Fish Score: Good
Potato Score: Good
Tartar Score: Good
Bread Score: Good
Miscellaneous Score: Fair

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Comment: Boy oh boy, where do I begin with this one? For starters, I'd heard really good things about Angelo's new spot in McFrland and thought, "hell, it's a pizza joint, if we go early we should breeze right through..." That logic was flawed to say the least. When we showed up at 5:30 the parking lot was packed - like overflowing into the Culver's lot next door packed, and my heart sank a little. We had not one, but two toddlers in our party of five today, and this place is tiny so I knew we'd be waiting, and wait we did.

It seemed like 90% of the tables were two-tops and despite the fact we got on the list we saw several parties of two come and go before we finally made our way to our spot at the outdoor patio. It was well over an hour wait, which if you're on 3 year old time, is an eternity. We were already frazzled by the time the cordial, yet absentminded waitress came around, but relieved to see the bountiful options on the Friday menu - from cod, to walleye, and mahi mahi to bluegill there was something for everyone. I went for the 'gill and got to sample the cod as well as the mahi mahi.

8 or so fillets in varying sizes were scattered across the plate and looked pretty unimpressive. Despite the underwhelming presentation they were actually quite enticing, with a nice light breading and slightly fishy flavor. Each had a good snap and while it clearly sat for a few minutes after exiting the oil it was still adequately hot. The cod had the same breading and was hotter than hell and boy does that ever make a difference. The loins were nice and flaky and had a pleasant flavor thanks in part to the fact it was freshly fried.

A-Mc has a few sides to choose from but if you don't specify otherwise cheesy hash brown casserole is the default. It's a nice puffy pile of spuds although I'd say only marginally better than the skin-on freezer fry alternative.

A no nonsense tartar was thick and zesty with no dilly downfalls. Thankfully, we don't see much of that dilly madness these days which is a blessing. A basket of French bread slices (or maybe they were Italian? that would make more sense) were abundant and seemed reasonably fresh. A soupy slaw didn't draw our attention, but didn't make us sick either.

We loved Jolly Bob's and were sad to see it go, but apparently the cooks from old JB's are manning the grills and fryers at Angelo's now and it shows. The food is certainly commendable and you can see the Jamaican influence in the mahi mahi and some of the other dishes. Thankfully, these guys can do the traditional Wisconsin Fish Fry too which explains why McFarland is apparently cuckoo these Cocoa Puffs. Overall, we still recommend this Fish Fry despite the excruciating wait to get it, and maybe we'll try it again some time if we can get there by 4:00 or don't have two toddlers in tow.
4706 Farwell Street
McFarland, WI 53558

(608) 838-2233