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Fish Type: Walleye (AYCE)     Price: $16.00

Overall, I would barely recommend this Fish Fry.

Fish Score: Good
Potato Score: Good
Tartar Score: Good
Bread Score: Good
Miscellaneous Score: Good

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Comment: The clubhouse restaurant at Hawk's Landing Golf Course has changed hands a lot over the years. We were there back when it was The Klubhouse in 2007, returned when it became the Roost in 2012, and one took another chance when it transitioned to the Tap Room in 2013. So to say we were a little wary of yet another incarnation would be an understatement. Dahmen's (the old west side pizza hang) took over recently and we though it would probably just be more of the same - decent fish at a place that was likely to see new management in the near future. Still, we wanted to do our due diligence so we swung by when we had an open Friday.

Like any good Wisconsin establishment Dahmen's takes their Fish Fry pretty seriously. There are three fish to chose from - the common cod, the standard walleye, and a (3-piece) lake perch. I was actually thinking about the perch but when I heard that portion size I pulled back...for $15 it likely wasn't real yellow lake perch, so I went with the walleye and was pretty happy with that decision.

This walleye was average in a lot of ways, but even an average walleye is better than a lot of other options. It came in around 8-10 ounces (which is pretty average) but had a nice light and flavorful breading (that was well above average). The well-seasoned crust was definitely the highlight of the meal, although an above average amount of grease oozed from the fillet. By and large it was tasty and I wouldn't hesitate to order it again.

Some steak fries sat next to the fish and were thick-cut but surprisingly droopy. While they didn't have the crunchy exterior we've come to expect from this kind of fry, they were still far better than a plain old crinkle cut so it's hard to complain too much. The house tartar also did what it needed to do and worked well with the slippery walleye. It had plenty of pop and overshadowed the errant oil as much as it could.

A bunch of vinegar-based promised to pack a punch, but was surprisingly bland. It was a straight-forward as the come, being just cabbage and juice, so I can see if a lot of folks are turned off by it (the missus certainly was). A nice semi-sweet roll sat on the side and was a nice step up from grandma's basic dinner that's a plus.

In general, pizza places actually seem to do alright when it comes to Fish Fry. We used to pull the perch from Rosatti's out on the west side from time to time and always thought it did the job; Dahmen's pretty much fills that same bucket. Overall, we recommend this Fish Fry (mostly based on the primo batter) and are curious to see what a second (cod-based) visit would have in store.
88 Hawks Landing Cicle
Verona, WI 53593

(608) 848-5751