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Fish Type: Walleye     Price: $18.00

Overall, I would recommend this Fish Fry.

Fish Score: Good
Potato Score: Excellent
Tartar Score: Good
Bread Score: Poor
Miscellaneous Score: Excellent

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Comment: The old church at the corner of East Wash and Hancock has changed hands a couple times since I’ve been in Madison, but it feels like @prost_msn might be the best fit yet.

The space feels right for a German-style beer hall and the Fish Fry fits right in. Cod and walleye are on display on Fridays, and my heaping walleye fillet didn’t disappoint. While I typically like my walleye lightly breaded, the beer batter on this monster balanced out the chubby fillet quite well.

There are a few sides to choose from and when I inquired as to whether the potato pancakes listed on the menu were one of them I was met with a, “nah, they’re not.” so I settled for fries. To my delight, the kitchen did me a solid and one beautiful PP made the plate. It was a scrumptious take with a golden-fried exterior and great flavor. Yum.

A thick and creamy tartar helped the walleye in every way imaginable, and the slaw, while a little onion-y was still creamy and satisfying.

I have to say I was pretty pleased with our UW Homecoming Fish Fry at Prost! The fish was good, the company was great, and the service was exemplary. Now we just need a big Badger win to really cheers the weekend! Prost MSN! Let’s go Red!!!
401 E Washington Ave
Madison, WI 53703

(608) 620-5050