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Fish Type: Bluegill     Price: $15.00

Overall, I would highly recommend this Fish Fry.

Fish Score: Excellent
Potato Score: Good
Tartar Score: Excellent
Bread Score: Good
Miscellaneous Score: Excellent

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Comment: For better or worse, these reviews hold water with some people. After our last visit to the @mhvikingbar we got a message from a nice lady saying that she’d gone to the bar (based on our glowing review) and had a much different experience. Of course, when I hear this kind of stuff I tend to check myself, and I took the first opportunity to verify my initial findings…and verify I did.

I showed up bright and early this Friday (since I wasn’t sure they had fish for lunch based on the menu description) with a backup plan in Bluemounds in mind. Luckily for me, the full Friday Night Fish Fry is served all day long (including the lightly breaded bluegill I was after). Score! I saddled up to the bar, threw in an order, grabbed a handful of pull tabs, and waited anxiously for my foil-lined basket.

Since I was first in line the fish fried in a flash and appeared in pristine condition. As expected, the freshwater finsters were supple and snappy, and kissed by a breading so light the textures shone through. The thin skin had just enough oomph to alter the mildly fishy flavor of the bluegill without taking it over completely. While there was a slight sheen of oil on the surface, it was far from swimming in grease, and it disappeared completely once I propped them up on the side of the basket. Great stuff.

The crinkle-cut fries were sporadically dusted in Cajun spices, but couldn’t hold a candle to the homemade hash brown casserole (only available after 4pm). The saving grace here was the sheer amount of them (which was a lot as you can see). The cup of tartar was more than plentiful for the six fillets, but the remainder of the sauce easily got absorbed by the bevy of fries.

The roll was just a roll, but the slaw had a little something more it seemed like. It tasted fresh and sweet, but not too sweet. A very enjoyable mix.

After a second stop at the Viking Bar & Grill I feel pretty confident in my initial assessment. This is good fish, no doubt about it. Add on the fact I got to knock out some last minute Christmas shopping beforehand, and it all adds up to a nice little Friday morning in MoHo. Overall, we highly recommend this Fish Fry.
120 E Main St
Mt. Horeb, WI 53572

(608) 437-5733