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Fish Type: Cod     Price: $18.00

Overall, I would recommend this Fish Fry.

Fish Score: Good
Potato Score: Good
Tartar Score: Fair
Bread Score: Poor
Miscellaneous Score: Excellent

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Comment: It’s safe to say this isn’t your grandma’s Fish Fry. That’s not to say it isn’t tasty, but traditional it is not.

The $18 2-piece from @salsmadison is as unique as any I’ve seen, but it actually has a lot of great flavors going on. For starters, the cod is clearly high quality, fall-apart flaky, and home to a plush beer batter. Instead of a traditional tartar it comes drizzled with a delicious sweet chili sauce. While the sauce made it impossible to eat with your hands it actually complimented the cod surprisingly well.

On the side sat a smattering of well-seasoned fries that were fried just right. There wasn’t any sort of bread around, but the slaw more than made up for it. This slaw was incredible, especially if you like cilantro (which I do). It was so good in fact, that I ate not only mine, but the one my kid had no interest in as well.

This is a bit of a tough one for me to get my head around. While I love my traditional “Big 5” Fish Frys (Fish-Potato-Tartar-Slaw-Bread), I can also appreciate what Sal’s is bringing to the table on East Wash. Overall, I liked this Fish Fry and think there is definitely a contingent of people that would appreciate this fresh take on the Friday tradition…probably not my grandma though.
10 N Livingston St
Madison, WI 53703

(608) 305-8885