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Fish Type: Catfish     Price: $19.00

Overall, I would recommend this Fish Fry.

Fish Score: Excellent
Potato Score: Good
Tartar Score: Fair
Bread Score: Fair
Miscellaneous Score: Excellent

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Comment: We finally made it over to the @diveinnmadison for a @madcitycocktails BOGO and the @sistaschickenandfish Fish Fry, (and I’m glad we did).

The Sistas don’t just ply their trade on Fridays, but what they do is totally applicable on this, the most special of days. Catfish and cod grace their menu board all the time and since I don’t get catfish all that often the $18 4-piece sounded just right to me. I tacked on a $3 tub of slaw (since it’s not a real FFF without it) and grabbed a 2-piece cod for the kid. After a quick dive into the Inn for an Old Fashioned and a Sprite, we grabbed a picnic table on the patio and waited for order 024 to emerge from the truck.

We pulled a few tabs and about 10 minutes later our order was delivered. I quickly tore it open only to realize our styrofoam containers were full of the Sista’s chicken, not fish. I took it back up and told them of the error, and luckily we were able to hail down the gentleman who ordered before us and do the old switcheroo. I then tore into these containers and saw what we expected to see.

The catfish was more than plentiful and exactly how you’d want it to be. It was coated in crunchy and heavily-seasoned cornmeal crust that was 100% grease-free and 99.9% delicious. The meat itself was perfectly flaky rather than mushy which is a texture that often plagues the bottom feeder. Excellent cat.

The fries were pretty standard, the slice of bread was plain but fun, and the packets of Chef’s Quality sauce fell somewhere between Kraft and Toby’s on the tartar continuum…closer to Kraft, if I’m honest.

The tub of slaw had a great horseradish pop and was worth the $3 to round out this meal in true Fish Fry fashion.

Growing up 20 miles from the Mississippi my dad was always a catfish fan. He’d order it pretty often when we went out and this was my first time having it since he passed in January. I can honestly say this was better than any I had in my youth and I’m sure he would have loved it too. Great job Sista’s, we’ll be sure to find you around town again soon!
521 Cottage Grove Rd
Madison, WI 53716